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About Us


Dongguan Hong Guan melamine products Co.,Ltd (Original:Dongguan Taifeng melamine products Co., Ltd.) was established in 2012.The company general manager Mr. Zhang Bingming has over 20 years of industry production and managemen experience,the company focus on developing,producing and selling melamine tableware.The company is located in Dongguancity“ lotus town"- Qiao tou town. With 16000 square meters of plant area and we have 200T and 300T imported single and double color hydraulic press 56 units.Our"company equipment is complete:polishing, grinding, baking paper, paper cutting," manual, motor forklift, packaging line, product testing, inspection equipment and so on.Our monthly production capacity is up to  350T.It's a medium-large scale manufacturer.

The company has always followed a variety of customer quality requirements and has already accepted the assessment by some large companies. 

The company produces all kinds of children and adults melamine tableware and other melamine items. Product includes tray, plate, flat plate, fruit plate etc. melamine plate series. Soup bowls, salad bowls, noodle bowls etc. melamine bowl series. Children bowl, plate, sub-grid plates, knives, forks, spoons etc. child suit series ; melamine insulation mats, coasters, pot pad series; cups, coffee mugs, wine mugs etc. mug series and all kinds of suits, salad series, kitchen and bathroom appliances. Also we have melamine ashtray, melamine pet supplies, as well as other types of Western-style tableware and supplies. Our products are odorless, non-toxic, temperature range 120 ℃~-20 ℃, surface hardness, and wear-resistant rub, not pollution. Our products can pass CE, FDA, EEC-2002/72/EC, EN71, PROP.65, SGS, NSF, LFGB, EN14372 etc. international food hygiene tests.

Melamine products, not only have the elegant style of porcelain, but also have a body of light, exquisite appearance, durable, non-friable etc. features.  These products are manufactured with high temperature and high pressure molding. Beside all these qualities, our products are also bright-colored, non-toxic, odorless, acid corrosion, bump-resistant, impact resistant, not easily broken and very much suitable for dishwashers and disinfection cabinets. Our products are slow heat conduction, smooth edge, delicate; feel comfortable and easy to clean. Diverse styles and various shapes, bright pictorial Products, aesthetics generous, more close to life and nature. All these products can be used in homes, restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, various firms and institutions. It can also be a very nice gift for friends and relatives.

Melamine products are internationally popular because of their aesthetic hygiene, not easy damaged, washable and durable. These products are widely used because to the following characteristics:

1.  Aesthetics

These products raw material has many colors, another, our factory has developed hundreds of different shapes and nearly a thousand kinds of beautiful designs for customers reference. Product has stable, bright color, nice gloss, good texture as beautiful as traditional porcelain.

2, Durability: 

Melamine products because of high mechanical strength, not easily broken when free fall from a height, hard surface, not easy to injury, suitable for long-term use.

3, Easy to clean: 

Melamine products do not eroded by oil, gasoline and organic solvents, not easy to dye by other colors and also easy to wash off stain mark on the surface, you can clean it by any abluents.

4, High temperature durable: 

Melamine Products have good heat resistance, excellent fire retardancy, suitable for dishwasher and sterile cabinet.

5, Security: 

Melamine product is very safe goods, without any radiation, without any ill effects for long-term using, up to international food hygiene safety standards, it is very nice tableware fit for children.

6, Environmental protection: 

Melamine products will not cause any pollution to the environment.

Production process: 

Melamine powder is composed by formaldehyde resin powder, cellulose and toner, it belongs to thermosetting materials because of its three-dimensional network structure.(Selvage materials can not be recyclable). Scientific Name of Melamine powder calls melamine-formaldehyde resin, short for "MF".

Operating Instruction:

1. Do not roast on fire directly

2. Do not wash it by steelwire ball

3. Not suitable for Microwave Oven

4. Please use abluent to wash it in certain period..

Judgement Standard for high grade melamine products:

1.Watching: High-quality melamine products have smooth surface, good gloss, invisible die-line, nice pattern, without any unnecessary edges and impurity 

2.Touch: Feeling smooth and delicate, non-scratching hand, good texture

3.Professional test。

We keep to paying more attention on products quality and customer service since plant foundation in order to produce high quality products. All of our products have good reputation in the international market as well as domestic market.

Service Belief: Honesty-based, Customer foremost, Quality assurance, Delivery on time

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